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Looked After Children

The Children in Care team aims to promote the achievement and inclusion of pupils in care.

The outcomes for 11 year olds in English and maths are at least 60% as good as those of their peers:

  • the proportion who become disengaged from education is reduced so that no more than 10% reach school leaving age without having sat a GCSE or equivalent exam
  • the proportion of those aged 16 who get qualifications equivalent to 5 GCSEs graded A* to C has risen on average by 4% points each year since 2002
  • in all authorities at least 15% of young people in care achieve this level of qualifications.

The Children in Care team will work with all colleagues in the Children, Families and Education department, Social Services and health to realise these targets.

The overall aim of the team is to improve the life chances of children in care.

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Last updated 10/08/2022