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Diagnosis support pack (for families following a diagnosis of a neurodiversity)

Our diagnosis support pack (DSP) has been coproduced by families for families following a diagnosis of a neurodiversity, and contains information, resources and signposting in a variety of media (videos, infographics, animations), split into 14 sections - from sleep to medication, and lots more.

The DSP covers the following topics:

  1. introduction
  2. positives of Neuro-diversities
  3. holistic approach
  4. what to expect at your appointment
  5. sleep
  6. medication
  7. talking about a diagnosis
  8. sensory processing needs
  9. mental health
  10. supporting social communication development in autism
  11. best practice guide – for professionals
  12. contact information and resources
  13. jargon buster
  14. printable resources and links

Families have described the experience of their child receiving a neurodiversity diagnosis (such as Autism or ADHD) with mixed emotions, and following the lengthy diagnosis process are left with little information, or understanding of ‘what next?’.

They told us that a 'one-stop shop' for information, resources and signposting following a diagnosis would be useful, and they'd like this information to be accessible and from a trusted source. 

The pack has been co-produced with the help of:

  • parents
  • young people
  • local parent carer forums
  • sducation psychologists
  • other key partners

All pages have been made to be easy to follow, with links that that guide you through the pack.

As well as making the pack informative and useful, it was really important to us that the pack uplifts people and celebrates neurodiversity. We know many families find receiving a diagnosis a challenging time but empowering messages and having positive role models are so important to help parents/carers and young people on their journey.

Download the DSP here

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Last updated 04/11/2021