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Passenger Transport Unit (PTU)

The Council's Passenger Transport Unit handles queries for the following areas:

Driver permits and testing -  If you wish to drive and/or hire a Council minibus your will first need to take a Driver Permit Test. 

Minibus hire  - We hire out minibuses to local community groups, charities, organisations and schools

Post 16 transport policy

Training - We offer training courses to internal and external customers for passenger assistant training scheme (MIDAS), driver awareness training scheme (MIDAS) and manual handling (MIDAS).

Special education needs transport  - we provide transport solutions for SEN pupils and students in Luton.

Children with special needs and/or disabilities are subject to the home to school transport policy.

We apply the same guidelines when considering whether children with special needs and/or disabilities require transport as we do for other children and in the majority of cases children with special educational needs are treated in the same way as other children. 

However, when a child’s special needs and/or disabilities means that they cannot travel to school in the same way as other children of the same age, we may help the family make travel arrangements if this is necessary.

Some children with SEN and/or a disability may, by reason of their SEN and/or disability, be unable to walk even relatively short distances to school. We will make suitable travel arrangements, if necessary, for these children even if they attend school within the statutory walking distance.

If transport is necessary, due to the child’s needs, we will arrange transport that meets the needs of the child. In making this decision we will take into consideration, the nature of the child’s needs, his/her level of mobility, how vulnerable the child is and how far he/she travels.

To enquire whether your child is entitled to transport, please contact: SEN Assessment Team on 01582 548134.


Download: Home to School Transport Policy

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Last updated 25/08/2022