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OnLineTraining Limited (OLT)

We provide timely online training when a teaching professional needs specialist knowledge to understand and support learners, particularly those with special educational needs and/or disability. There is a charge for our main courses. However, we also provide a number of resources FREE. We work with local partners to deliver the OLT courses to practitioners and parents in the area.

What we do: 

  • Provide training for teachers, teaching assistants and parents in different aspects of SEND
  • The training is impact driven, in that participants have to set goals around a child or young person and these are supported by a specialist tutor
  • The goals are monitored to record impact
  • The courses include videos of good practice, quizzes, forums for discussion, case studies and rich up-to-date content around SEND

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Our users say:-

"I have learnt to control low level disruption immediately to avoid confrontation and escalating behaviour. This course has shown me that there are so many different approaches and techniques I can use in my daily work routine". AC, Luton 

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Last updated 04/04/2023