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Autus - The Hao2 Foundation

Autus - The Hao2 Foundation exists to facilitate personal and professional growth for people with autism and complex needs, increasing opportunities for exciting and sustainable work to improve lives and prospects.  We are a disabled people's user-led organisation set up to enable disabled people to purchase employability training and job coaching courses through a supportive route and benefit from a 20% VAT exemption, thereby making personal budgets go further.  

Who to contact

Contact Name
Tim Carrington
Contact Position
Charity Secretary

Where to go


Our courses are predominantly accessed from a home connection and participants need to have access to a multimedia PC and basic IT skills including elementary knowledge of how to use email, the internet and instant messaging chat.  If these are barriers to access, we can work with individuals to identify local community centres that can help them overcome these barriers to participation by creating local digital access points.

Other Details


Referral required
Referral Details

Referral preferred (e.g. via JCP, Adult Social Care team, Children's Services team or other service provider ideally as part of education, health and care planning with individual and their parent/carer) so we can have a joined up approach.  However, referral not absolutely necessary.  

Other notes

Our local offer - Employment and Life Skills Services

These services have been co-designed and are delivered by people with autism and complex needs/learning disabilities who provide inspiring role models for participants.

GETSETGO - Personal and employability skills needs analysis and flexible skills development supported by work focused peer mentoring

3DCONNECTIONS FOR LIFE and WORK - non accredited and highly personalised and structured 1:1 life skills training or vocational training

DIGITAL HIGHWAYS - City & Guilds Level 1 and 2 accredited personal development and employability skills training.

 Age range and who the services are for?

These services are for adults and young people 14-25 years old with autism, complex needs and learning disabilities who:

  • would benefit from increasing their confidence and communications skills for life and work and/or
  • are looking to develop a career in technology or design and want to learn how to work effectively as a part of a virtual team prior to gaining employment and/or
  • may struggle to participate in other provision and would benefit from more flexible and personalised support

Criteria for access to these services

Written confirmation that the individual's needs have been identified and have the potential to be met by the innovative service we offer. This confirmation can be in the form of a letter from the individual, referral by a parent, carer or professional or other training provider, through an Education Health and Care Plan or other personal development plan from the individuals work place or volunteer centre.

Payments for the courses can be made by individuals using personal budgets or other sources of personal funding and/or by organisations providing services to those individuals directly or through their supply chains (e.g. local authority social or children services, SEN schools and colleges and local charities).

How can I access this service?

For more detailed information about the courses available as part of the local offer, individuals should email for further information and organisations such as children's and social services, charities and SEN schools should email

How is this service funded? Do you need to pay for this service?

This service can be purchased by individuals from Autus - the Foundation using personal budgets or commissioned and fully funded on behalf of a group of individuals in a local area by a local authority or other local organisation. If there is demand for our services but no available funding for individuals or organisations to purchase these please email us to express an interest, inform us of the estimated level of unmet demand and and Autus will work collaboratively with you to identify and secure potential funding sources wherever possible.

Last updated 23/08/2023