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Fun To Learn Nursery & Pre-School

Age range: 2 years to 5 years old.

Number of current spaces
2 - 3 years: no space
3 - 5 years: no spaces
Do you have a waiting list: Yes
Date updated: September 2022

The nursery is based on the site of Dallow Primary school. The setting is autonomous but has developed excellent links with the school. The nursery staff offer support to vulnerable families. The nursery is open all year round except between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, it is open between 8am and 6pm daily.

The nursery operates from a large modern purpose built building and is fully inclusive which is reflected in the accessibility and layout of the setting. The children have access to two well equipped base rooms as well as two enclosed playgrounds, a sensory and sleep room. In addition to this, from August 2018, the nursery has developed an intervention room to accommodate the increased number of children with additional needs. The large playground is both challenging and exciting, a canopy has been built and children play outside in all but extreme weather conditions. The smaller playground was extended and is designed in a way that promotes investigation, exploration and discovery of the natural world.

The nursery strives to give all children the best possible learning experience. To help achieve this, the nursery is actively involved in several initiatives such as Healthy Smiles and Achievement for All. The Intervention Officer is also Forest School trained and from September 2018 the nursery will be offering weekly sessions for all children.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Fun To Learn Nursery & Pre-School


Where to go

Dallow Primary School
Dallow Road

Last updated 07/06/2023