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Luton Rifle and Pistol Club

The Luton Rifle Club was founded in 1963 from the remains of the Napier and English Electric Rifle Clubs.

The Luton Rifle and Pistol Club has a long and exciting history. Many of it current members (currently around 75 in total) have been active members for many years and are mostly situated in/around the Luton area. 

The club is driven by its members and a strong elected committee (all active members). Each year the club holds an open AGM as well as a prize-giving night (which always gets a good attendance - everyone turns up for the good food and hopes of receiving a prize).

 Most of the members regularly meet on a 25m indoor range in Luton, Bedfordshire to use smallbore and fullbore gallery rifles in club and national (postal) competitions. The club also visits Bisley and other ranges for casual, historic and competition events.

The club members get involved in a wide range of shooting competitions and events at ranges all over the country, often taking responsibility for staffing and running an entire range within a larger event.

They occasionally hold 'taster sessions' which are planned events where  potential new members are allowed to visit the club where they can see what the sport is all about, get a taste of some of the types of shooting that the club do and also learn about the different aspects of the sport.


Who to contact

Contact Name
Tony Cattermole

Where to go

Lewsey Range
Basement of Lewsey Community Centre
Landrace Road

Please note: Do not visit the range without an appointment. Unless you have one, by law the club are not allowed to let you shoot.

Last updated 08/02/2018