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The Church of the Holy Cross Marsh Farm

There has been an active Christian presence on the Marsh Farm Estate, situated in the North East of Luton, since it was built in the 1960s. Originally the Church met in one of the newly built town houses on the estate before a Church Hall was constructed and then a Church building in 1976. A fervent desire to make known the love of God in a way that is both profound but relevant has been central to the parish’s life over the years of its existence.

As the Church of England in Marsh Farm we extend pastoral care and support to the whole community and seek to serve and greet all in the name of Christ. All people, whether committed Christians, enquirers or those who simply wish to broaden their understanding are warmly welcomed to our worship and social activities.

The Church is located in the middle of the estate next door to the medical centre.

The Church of the Holy Cross is an inclusive church and all are very welcome to worship with us. We gladly recognise that everyone, irrespective of age, colour of skin, gender, marital status, sexuality, nationality, disability or background, is a child of God, valued and loved. A warm welcome to our church, whether you come as a visitor, to pray or if you come as one looking for a church to make your spiritual home. We are glad to have you with us. 

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Holy Cross Marsh Farm
40 Purway Close
Marsh Farm

Last updated 22/02/2018