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Doorstep Sports Club

New doorstep sports clubs for young people aged 14 to 25 are running at Lea Manor Recreation Centre and Lewsey Sports Park, with activities costing just £1 a session.

No booking is needed - young people can just turn up.

The programme of activities at the two doorstep sports clubs will change on a regular basis, determined by what young people want.

Lea Manor doorstep sports club

Initial Lea Manor programme includes:
- girls indoor football (14 to 17 years olds)
- boys indoor football (14 to 17 year olds)
- profiles gym

Lewsey doorstep sports club

Initial programme at Lewsey Sports Park includes:
- women/girls only swimming
- profiles gym
- basketball at Barnfield West Academy

How to Register
Young people can simply download and complete the registration form.

Young people under 16 will also need to download and complete a parental consent form.


Download: Registration form for those under 16 (parental consent needed)
Download: Registration form for those over 16

Who to contact


Where to go


Last updated 07/06/2017