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Dilshana Miah

Age range: 0 years to 14 years old

Number of current vacant places:

Under 1 year: 1 space
1 to 2 years old: 2 spaces
3 to 5 years old: 1 space
6 to 8 years old; 2 spaces
Over 8 years old: 2 spaces
Date of update: 30 April 2021

My childminding facilities include:
- A playroom where children can play dress up, play with playdough, paint, draw and do many other arts and crafts.

- A lounge room exclusive for me to care for the children. In this space, the children can have nap time, watch and carry out nursery rhymes with myself as well as read books (or myself reading them books). The older children specifically like the lounge room as they can come back from school and nap as well as have down time with the other children!

- A dining room where the children eat their snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner (all inclusive of the hourly rate). I also tend to bake with the children too.

- Their own bathroom separate from the bathroom that my daughter and I use. This is cleaned professionally every fortnight.

- A large garden which consists of many things such as a slide, swing, playhouse, benches and a sand table.

I mainly do early morning drop offs and afternoon pick ups for children that attend Warden Hill primary school.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Dilshana Miah

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Last updated 06/02/2018