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At PayPlan we understand the impact that debt can have on you, your family and your life. But, unlike other debt solution providers, we believe that you can, and should, live a happy life whilst repaying your debt. 

We’ve been helping people in situations similar to yours for over 20 years, and during that time we’ve developed a wide range of practical, long-term solutions that can not only help to manage your debt, but also enable you to live your life. 

Payplan offer free debt help and advice, and have a debt forum. There is quite a community developing on the forum with many users posting helpful links to answer each other’s questions, as well as Sarah a qualified insolvency administrator and Talbot an insolvency practitioner offering professional, in-depth advice.       

As well as the forum, Payplan have a free helpline and for those who aren't yet ready to talk about their debt, they offer an anonymous and confidential online help service, as well as a Live Chat option to answer any quick queries.      

Helpline number: 0800 280 2816 (if calling from a mobile it might be cheaper to call 0207 760 8980).

The Helpline is available Monday to Friday from 8am to 9pm and Saturday 9am to 3pm

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Payplan Ltd, Kempton House
Dysart Road
NG31 7LE

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Last updated 01/12/2021