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Help with searching

You can search the directory using any combination of category, keywords and location.


  • category if you know the type of results you want to find
  • keywords if you have words in mind to describe what you are looking for (e.g. housing)
  • location if you you are looking for a result in a specific area.  Try a place name such as Dallow, or postcode (LU1 2BQ or LU4).

Advanced keyword searching


Typing in a word or a few words into the keyword box brings you back all results that contain at least one of the words you have entered. 

You can use special characters to limit your results

  • plus sign (+) before a word means that each of the results must contain that word. Using +housing +advice will only show results containing both of the words housing and advice
  • double quotes (") around your words means that each of the results will contain the exact phrase. Using "badminton club" will only show results that contain the phrase badminton club.

Filtering your results


When you have your search results, you can use the ‘Filter results’ button to help narrow down the number of results displayed.

The filters let you to narrow the results by category area (such as 'Child care'), and by postcode and so on.

The more use you make of the filters, the more focussed your results will be.

Sorting your search results


You can change the sort order of your search results using the options that are shown in the section just above your results. Depending on the type of search that you have done, your results can appear in any of the following sort orders:

  • by relevance (the best match to your search)
  • alphabetically (in A-Z order of title with numbers first)
  • distance (if you have done a full postcode search)
  • by user rating (results that have been given the highest rating by other users first)

How to register


It's free and easy


I'm just a visitor to the site, is there a reason for me to register?

Yes, the Luton Directory and Local Offer gives you the opportunity to create a 'My Shortlist'.

'My Shortlist' is a personalised list of activites, business and information that you have found throughout the site. This is a free service.

Add your free listing


It's free and easy



Create your free profile

Update your FREE profile page with photos, contact details, opening times, costs, and more.

Setting up a record

If you would like some help to set up your own record, please visit our guidance page

How do I create a shortlist?

As you browse around this directory you can build up your own personal list of advice, services and activities.

example of shortlist button Add to 'My Shortlist' button.

The 'Add to My Shortlist' button is displayed alongside each item on your search results or when viewing the details of an item.

example of shortlist button Remove from 'My Shortlist' button.

Items are similarly removed with the 'Remove from My Shortlist' button.

You can view and clear your shortlist by clicking the 'My Shortlist' link.

If you are logged in, the list is stored against your user account, meaning that you can retrieve it later, even on any other device, simply by logging in.

If you are not logged in however, the information is stored in a temporary part of your browser, meaning that if you close down your browser the list will be cleared.

How do I print a page?

You can print a page by using the 'Print' buton found on the right of each page.

example of print button 'Print' button.

How do I share or email information?

You can share the a link to the information on a page by email or social media using the 'Share' button found on the right of each page.

example of share button 'Share' button.

How do I let you know that the information is wrong?

You can let us know that information is incorrect by using the 'Is this information correct?' link on the right of the page.

You can also use our feedback form to let us know about things you think are missing,  recommend providers or make suggestions to improve services further.