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Step 2 – Asking for an assessment

Most children and young people with SEND will have their needs met by their nursery, school or college. 

Some pupils with more complex SEND may need an assessment to see if they would benefit from having an Education, Health and Care plan. 


What is an EHC Plan?

An EHC Plan looks at all the needs that a child or young person has within education, health and care. Professionals, the child or young person and their family together, consider what outcomes they would like to see for the child or young person. This plan identifies what is needed to achieve those outcomes.

Who can ask for an EHC needs assessment?

Who can ask for an EHC needs assessment?

  • you, if you are a parent, carer, or foster parent
  • you, if you are a young person aged over 16 years old and under the age of 25
  • your child’s nursery, school or college
  • a health professional or anyone else who works with your child

The whole process, from the time you ask for an assessment to the time we complete the plan (if your child needs one), takes 20 weeks.

If an EHC needs assessment is not agreed, we will inform you of this decision within 6 weeks.

How to ask for an EHC needs assessment

If you want to ask for an EHC needs assessment you need to contact the Special Educational Needs Assessment Team (SENAT) team in writing. Alternatively, you can talk to your SENCO who help you with this.