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The Transforming Care Programme

The Transforming Care Programme in Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes aims to ensure that individuals with a diagnosed learning disability (LD) and/ or autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) are supported to the greatest extent possible within local communities and  within suitable environments to avoid unnecessary in-patient hospital admissions.

The transforming care programme is a national priority which focusses on improving services for:

  • children and young people with learning disabilities
  • children and young people with autism
  • children and young people with learning disabilities and autism

Who also have:

  • behaviours that challenge, or
  • a mental health condition


The aims of the programme are for:

  • children, young people and families to be supported to have a good quality of life –
  • children and young people should be kept safe but at the same time supported to take positive risks
  • children and young people should have choice and control over their lives
  • children and young people's support should be provided in the least restrictive way
  • children and young people should get equal health outcomes to the rest of the population.


Care, Education and Treatment Reviews

If a child or young person with a learning disability or autism is at risk of being admitted to hospital or is  actually admitted to hospital due to a mental health condition a review of their care , support and treatment will be arranged, this is called a Care, Education and Treatment Review. The review will be arranged and chaired by the Clinical Commissioning Group with the individual and family members central to the meeting and any decision making and outcomes. The meetings are multi-agency, person centred reviews attended by an independent clinical expert and an expert by experience to consider if there is a community alternative that would prevent admission into hospital or to support discharge from hospital.

Care and Treatment reviews can also be requested by any member of the care team or by family or the young person themselves if they have concerns about their care and treatment. Speak to your CAMHS or mental health worker, social care contact or SEND officer if you have any questions about care and treatment reviews and how they are arranged. Professionals who are already involved with the young person may request a Care and Treatment Review, with your consent, if the multi-disciplinary team around the young person feels that the risk of a hospital admission is increasing.

The transforming care programme for children and young people has strong links with the SEND principles and agenda and a key role of transforming is to ensure that children and young people with learning disabilities and/ or and autism with behaviours that challenge or mental health conditions, leave school with a good education, health and care plan that supports their transition to adulthood leading to better outcomes for them and their families.