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Step 4 – Assessment

The assessment is all about collecting information.  This involves you, your child and the professionals who work with your child.  The SEN Assessment officer will contact you to

  • explain how the assessment process works
  • understand your views about your child‘s needs
  • understand the outcomes that you would like for them.

You will also be asked to give your views in writing.  We send you a letter at the end of week 6 asking you to tell us about your child's strengths and needs.  This is so we can begin to understand what is important to your child and your hopes and aspirations for them.  

We will also seek advice and information from

  • your child's school, early years setting or college
  • if your child has a hearing or visual impairment, we will seek advice from a qualified teacher for HI /VI
  • an Educational Psychologist
  • Health care professionals involved with your child or young person
  • Social care advice and information
  • Any other people who have worked with your child (including from year 9 onwards those professionals involved in preparation for transition to adulthood).