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Step 7 – Your review

EHC Plans must be reviewed at least annually and it is usually the nursery, school or college that will arrange & facilitate these.

Reports are requested from people involved with the child/young person, e.g. professionals from education, health and social care. Parents/carers are asked for their views and where possible, the child/young person will also be asked for their views.  These are then all discussed at an annual review meeting.

After the meeting, within two weeks, the person leading the review will send all the completed forms, reports and minutes of the meeting to the SEN team, highlighting any actions that are recommended.

The SEN team will consider the information and will inform the parents and/or young person of intended actions, e.g:

  • to keep the EHC plan as it is
  • to amend the EHC plan
  • to cease to maintain the EHC plan.