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I am a child or young person

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Are you aged 16 to 25?
We want to understand your views about what your needs are . Your answers and comments will help us to understand what young people with SEND would like and it will also help us plan services better and help you to get the best outcomes and achieve all your goals.
Take part in our SEND 16 to 25 survey.

How can I make friends and get involved in clubs or activities?

What can I do when I leave school, college or training?

The thought of leaving school or college may be scary or worrying. It may be that you don’t know what options are available to you in and around Luton. Find out what you can do when you leave school here. 

Full time education after school does not necessarily mean you will attend for five days a week. The Transition Team can help guide you through the education options open to you. The Learning Disability Team can help guide you through social care options open to you.

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What training or job options do I have now that I have left school or further education?

Want to find out what training you can get or what job options are available when you leave school, college or finish your apprenticeship? Find out who can support you with this here. 

Can I get help with getting to college or training?

You may need help or support with transport or getting to college or training. Find out what support may be available here.

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What is an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) and how do I get one?

Find out more about what an EHCP is and how to get one with this easy read guide for children and young people.

Download the easy read guide (pdf)

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Who can help me to understand what I need to do and what is involved in asking for an EHC Needs Assessment?

There are people who can help you understand more about what’s involved in asking for an EHC Needs Assessment and they can even help you with applying for one so do get in touch with these services below.

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What is a personal budget?

A personal budget is money set aside for a young person with an Education, Health and Care Plan or a parent of a child or young person by their local council.

It can be used to buy some of the support a child or young person gets in their education, health and care plan.

Sometimes a local council will keep this money and use it to buy some support that a young person or their family might need.

Find out more about personal budgets here. Don’t forget you can also ask SENDASS for help to understand this information.

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What help with or about housing is there if I want to live as independently as possible?

Most of us want to live as independently as possible and this can include living on our own. Sometimes we don’t want to live completely on our own and we may need some support. Find out more about the support you can get to help you achieve your goal of living as independently as possible.

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What can I do if I need help with money?

Do you need help with money or benefits? Do you have debts or problems paying for fuel and energy? If you would like help or advice about managing money or knowing what you are entitled to, find out more here.

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What can I do to stay healthy or to get fitter?

What can I do if I feel sad or unhappy or am worried about my mental health?

Many of us feel sad, lonely, worried, angry or unhappy at times. Most of the time these feelings pass after a short while. If we feel these things a lot or for a long time it is important to find someone to talk to about how we are feeling. You may be able to talk to a friend or family member, someone at school or college or maybe your doctor. As well as doing all of this there are services and organisations who can also offer help and support. Find out where you can get help here.

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How do I raise a concern or make a complaint?

We want all our services to be excellent, but we know things can go wrong sometimes and although no-one likes to get a complaint, these can help improve services and service user experiences.

It is also nice to know when we are getting things right, and that people are happy with our services.

We will record your compliment and share it with the individual or team that you are complimenting. These are shared with senior managers who will congratulate the staff.

We welcome your views. We will record your comments and let you know if we use them.

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How can I get involved?

Interested in finding out more about or getting involved in the work that is going on to improve the services and experiences of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities in Luton?

We really welcome feedback from children and young people. Use the feedback buttons on the Local Offer.

You can also get involved in giving your views on surveys and consultations that are often online on the Local Offer.

We are always keen to work together and with children and young people to improve the experiences, services, provision and outcomes for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). You can find out about our SEND improvement work and how to get involved here. 

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