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Sleeping, eating and drinking


Sleep is as important to our bodies as food and water, and it is especially important for children and young people as they grow learn and develop. There are a range of things that may have an impact on sleep, including: developmental reasons, technology, and things in the environment, routines, health, genetic or neurobiological reasons, worries and stress, behavioural reasons. A child or young person may experience sleeping difficulties if:

  • They are unable to fall asleep within 5-30 minutes of going to bed;
  • They are unable to stay asleep throughout the night;
  • If they experience daytime tiredness;
  • They have a medical condition (or medication) that interferes with their sleep.

Sleep difficulties in children with additional needs

A video for parents and carers who are concerned about their children's sleep.

There are a number of organisations and services both locally and nationally that can offer support, advice and guidance which can be accessed in conjunction with a health professional (e.g. a GP) to promote better sleep.

Eating and drinking

The Paediatric Dietetic service is a team of registered dietitians who offer specialist dietary advice and support to families of children and young people aged between 0 to 19 years old.


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